ESF’s Methodology

We start by examining the items we receive and comparing them against the recycling hierarchy of   re-use, reclaim, reduce. In that particular order.

Somewhere between 5% and 10% of the items we get still have some use in the marketplace.  Those items are refurbished by our technicians. This includes minor repairs, and data destruction.

These items are then sent for re-use through donation to other non-profits, or sale to the general market.  We use our auction to sell most of the stuff that doesn’t get donated.  We’ve found the auction is the best way to move material at the speed it comes in.

As for the rest of the stuff that comes in, the first sort is to separate items that require data destruction from those that do not.  These items are dismantled and the data containing devices are either harvested for reuse – after data destruction, or sent for mutilation to insure data destruction.

Materials are then sorted by type in pallet sized containers, once full and truckload quantities are reached, they are shipped to our certified  recycling partners for material recovery.