Charitable Re-Use

As part of our mission, we make recycled electronics available to other non-profit organizations* on a free/reduced cost basis.

What we offer: Computers, Televisions,  projectors, cell phones, etc.  Just about any electronic device we receive and can refurbish (repairs + data destruction)

We feel if an item donated to us, is being re-used by an organization working towards community benefit, that is the best re-use possible.

Please note that donations are subject to availability. If we don’t have it, we can’t give it.

What we require: This offer is only open to State or Federally recognized non-profit organizations.  We define this as having received a certificate of incorporation on at least the state level.  For schools and churches, the state equivalency is sufficient.

We also insist that you use any donated item in the Tulsa area. This means we can not outfit missionaries. Our by-laws prohibit the exporting of electronics.

What kind of electronics ? If you take a look at our sales channels, you can get an idea of what comes to us. It’s a mix of both corporate and residential electronics. Please note, items already in the sales channel are spoken for. Your request is for “the next one” we get.
How do we get the stuff ? The first step is to email and tell him what your organization does and what you need. The rest of the process will flow from there.

We will require whoever you send to pick the item up to have a copy of your incorporation papers.

Previous Donations (the big ones we photographed)

A load of Desktop Computers donated to a group that fights illiteracy.  
A batch of Leapfrog learning laptops donated to a daycare center  
Computer lab in an apartment complex  
and countless individual item donations to schools and churches.