Charitable Re-Use Forum

Charitable Re-Use Forum

This is the place for Non-Profit Organizations to state requests for the equipment they need.

ESF will attempt to fulfill requests from it’s incoming material stream, but sometimes others may have such an item when ESF does not.   In such a case that potential donor is asked to make comment and respond to the request.

Hopefully by working together, we can help provide the equipment that non-profit organizations need to fulfill their missions

Please respect the forum by adhering to the following rules:

  • Any organization making a request, must be formally recognized as a non-profit organization by the State Of Oklahoma and/or The IRS.
  • Donors are exactly that, people willing to give something to a charity.  No “for sale” offers will be tolerated.
  • Once a request is fulfilled, please comment on the post to let potential donors know that your need is satisfied.
  • Items requested must be for use within the organization.  Door prizes, or raffle giveaway items are not allowed.
  • Please do not use the forum to request funding, this is for in-kind donations of electronic equipment.

Legal Notice:     Posting a request, or reply, does not obligate ESF or any other donor to the requestee.  Just because you ask for a things doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the thing.

If a donor wishes to take advantage of the tax savings that donating provides, it is their responsibility to make sure the receiver qualifies as a charitable organization under IRS tax codes.

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