Thank You!

Electronic Synergy Foundation would like to thank the following people for their support in the fulfillment of our mission.

ESF Board Of Directors for donating their time and expertise.

Mike Reidy,  for extensive guidance.

Nikki Smith of The Red Cross for showing me a better way.

Reginald King of Greenwood Chamber Of Commerce for his advice.

Susan Landers for the networking assistance that made the next step possible.

William Holloway for his sponsorship that helped get me where I needed to be.

Chris Beach of Cornerstone Assistance Network for their giving us a warehouse to work in and an opportunity to do good.

Anna Falling of Tulsa County WORCs for help with lots of the heavy lifting.

501TechNet for the mutually beneficial opportunity to serve.

501C3 Project Donors  Sarah Gaden, Destinie Whitfield, Mary Boyd

Kristen McCormick of Shikoba Recycling for logistical support.

Randy Wilson of Wholesale Computer Supply for the continuing support.

Our corporate donors for the “good stuff”  that we get to re-donate.



(Your Name Here)  for  (any assistance you can provide)