Cornerstone Project

Cornerstone Project

Start Date July 1st, 2014

End Date October 15th, 2014


Tulsa Cornerstone Assistance Network is a non-profit donation redistribution ministry. They receive donated household goods and give them away to needy individuals through a network of churches.

Items that have gone several weeks without a recipient are sold in their thrift store and the revenue generated from that goes to support their operations and other charitable endeavors.

Labor and logistical support for the redistribution program are provided by Tulsa County WORCs.

Cornerstone & ESF Arrangement

Cornerstone receives retail and material management services in exchange for warehouse space used by ESF. ( a trade of time for space)


  • Reorganization of retail space to aid in merchandise selection
  • Major Cleanup throughout warehouse
  • Structured pricing in retail store
  • Establishment of better book keeping practices
  • Established Business Development Plan for warehouse surplus space
  • Developed additional sales channels
  • Increased Thrift Store Sales100_3288100_3302100_3295100_3393

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