Job Training Program

Our current model is a “revenue share” where trainees/workers get paid a percentage of the revenue they produce.  Once we grow  large enough, we will switch over to the “paid training + education escrow” model

In our sheltered workshop Trainees are given the basic tools to build upon including:

· Respect For Self and Others

· Work Ethic

· Personal Safety

· Task Analysis

· Educational Proficiency

Once they move past these basics they start learning advanced job skills such as:

· Workplace Safety

· Material Handling

· Business Communication

· Computer Repair

· Electronic Repair

· Online Sales

· Sales Training

· Shipping Logistics

· Employee Supervision

· Web Development

· Project Management


Trainees are treated like entry level employees . They receive minimum wage  ($7.25/hr),  plus medical insurance.  They are scheduled (circumstances permitting) for 40 hour work weeks.

In addition to their normal rate of pay, $1 per worked hour will be deposited into an Education Escrow Fund to be spent at the Trainee’s direction with an educational institution of their choice.  This money will be held available to them for life.  (if you go to prison for 10 years, it’ll be waiting for you when you come out). In the event of a Trainees death, said funding will be first be offered to Trainee’s spouse, and then children by order of age.  Any unclaimed funds will be transferred to another charitable scholarship.

This trust fund will be set up to survive the dissolution of Electronic Synergy Foundation as well.

6 months of full time employment will put enough funding in the Escrow Fund to cover a semester at Tulsa Community College, including books and bus passes.  However the choice of educational institution is left entirely at the discretion of the Trainee .  Any institution recognized by state or federal government as a school is an acceptable choice.