Legal Issues

Please be aware that there are very few laws (Federal/State) that regulate electronic recycling.

The R2 and E-Steward Certifications are voluntary programs. There is currently no legal compulsion to obtain certification.

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). (79 FR 36220) requires exporters of CRTs to notify the EPA of their shipments.

Federal law requires quantities of CRTs and other e-waste to be considered “hazardous waste” when land-filled in large quantities (over 110 kilograms/year). Material being recycled is exempt from waste disposal regulations.

The Oklahoma Computer Recovery Act requires manufacturers and retailers to offer “take-back” options. It places the burden of data destruction/security on the original owner. It does nothing to ban the land-filling of ewaste or regulate electronic recyclers.

This being said, ESF holds itself to a higher standard than that set by law. It is our intention to keep growing to the point where we can afford the E-steward Certification fees. We uphold the values of the R2 and E-steward Certifications; namely; legal compliance, worker safety, environmental safety and protection, and of course, accountability. Our processes are designed in such a way that they will pass the 3rd party audit required for R2/E-steward certification.

ESF does NOT landfill ewaste, or transfer material to companies who might.

ESF does NOT export ewaste, or transfer material to companies who might.

ESF destroys the data on any device intended for reuse.