Data Destruction

Data Security

We are often asked how we insure data security for our donors. It is our hope that this information is found to be helpful.

Over Write Method

If the media (usually a hard drive) requiring data destruction is still
desired to be usable afterwards, the prescribed method is a multi-pass overwrite. This can be accomplished with a software utility.

ESF uses Darick’s Boot and Nuke and/or Kill Disk on laptops and desktops with traditional hard drives.

Department Of Defense, HIPAA, and other industry regulations recommend a minimum of 3 pass overwrite.

There are plenty of other utilities out there, sometimes these are even built into the hard drive or computer.

Physical Media Destruction

If an overwrite does not meet your organization’s security standards, or the hard drive is too old or broken for re-use, then physical destruction of the media is the prescribed course of action.

These hard drives are fed into a machine that bends them into a “V” shape. breaking the atmospheric seal and the platters.  From there it gets accumulated into 1000 pound palatalized boxes and sent to our downstream shredder for material reclamation.

Those organizations wishing to engage in their own media destruction usually use a drill press to punch a hole through the hard drive’s circuity and platters, or a drive bender, which is a specialized hydraulic press. Other extreme methods can be employed (example: shooting the hard drive) , but they’re generally not well suited for practice inside an office building.