Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Would you like your company to be seen engaging in works that help the community ?

Want to show that you care about recycling and protecting the environment ?

Contact us so that we may discuss ways for your organization to get involved  with our mission to protect the environment and engage in charitable works.

(918) 951-3902

We currently offer the following partnership/sponsorship opportunities:

COLLECTION SITE:  ESF is looking for businesses (especially electronic retailers) that wish to partner with us to collect unwanted electronics. We add your location to our advertised Drop Off locations.  We provide an easy back end for recycling and your organization gets the additional traffic and goodwill that recycling creates.

COLLECTION EVENT SPONSORSHIP:   ESF will co-brand an eWaste collection event, this puts your organization in front of hundreds of people while engaged in benefiting the community and the environment.

KEEPING RECYCLING FREE SPONSORSHIP:   It costs around $5000 to send a 53ft semi full of televisions and monitors to an e-steward for proper recycling.  By sponsoring a truckload, those costs would not be charged to consumers.   It is ESF’s fear that by charging consumers a fee to recycle their unwanted electronics, the temptation to throw it in the trash is increased.
Consumers receiving this subsidized disposal would also receive marketing material highlighting the company that cared enough about the environment to pay their recycling fees.