IRS Form 990

The IRS requires non-profit organizations to file a Form 990

Our organization has gross receipts under $50,000 , this means we file a form 990-N, which is basically an electronic confirmation of our contact information.  This was filed May 29,2015

We prepared the 990-EZ before we realized our reporting requirements were met by the  990-N Form.

The 990-EZ form actually has financial information about our organization.  Since we took the time to prepare it, and it is information desired by larger donors, and of interest to the general public (our non-profit shareholders) we are posting  it here for anyone who wishes to review it:

ESF 2014 Form 990-EZ & Additional Forms:   taxes    <—click here.   You will downloaded a .zip file that must be extracted to see all the .pdf files

Or if you just want the main form, it’s here:  form990ez  <—click here