Collection Event Dec 28-30th

Electronic Synergy Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization hosts “Last Chance For A Tax Deduction” Used Electronics Collection Drive

Where: Southwest parking Lot at Lafortune Park, approximately 5801 S. Yale, Tulsa,Ok 74135

When: December 28th through 30th (Sun/Mon/Tues) 10AM to 6:30 PM

How: Donors are asked to bring their unwanted electronics (any type/age/condition or quantity)

Electronic Synergy Foundation is a non-profit electronic recycler whose mission is to leverage the recycling of electronics for the community benefits of job creation and training, environmental stewardship, charitable works and non-profit fund raising.

ESF sorts the material it receives into three categories. Reusable, Recyclable and Liability Disposal.

Reusable items are refurbished (data destruction + repairs) and sent for re-use through donation or sale.

Recyclable items are processed for their metal content and recycled into new products.

Liability disposal is one of the environments greatest concerns, “Liability disposal items are usually monitors, but may be any material where the recycling costs exceeds the value of the material produced.” states Scott Metzger, president of ESF, “No electronics should be disposed of in the trash (many laws agree with this). CRT monitors (TVs, old style monitors) are 20% Lead, and flat screens contain Mercury vapor in fragile tubes. ESF insures these items are disposed of properly.”

Electronics to be received include but are not limited to: computers, cell phones, laptops, video game consoles, DVRs, DVDs, televisions, monitors, and printers in any age or condition.
For additional information contact:
Scott Metzger, Executive Director