Retail Location

As a general rule, 90% of what we receive is either too old or broken to be of much use. This material gets sent to our certified recycling partners for environmentally friendly material recovery.

The remaining 10% gets channeled (after refurbishment/data destruction) to our Resale Shop for re-use.

For walk-in customers it’s a competitively priced  electronics thrift store.  For qualified non-profit organizations*  it’s a free store. (it was donated to us, we ‘d like to donate it to you)

You can find our retail store located at:

627 S Lewis Ave

Tulsa, OK 74106



*Free Equipment Qualifications and Limitations:

Proof of Non-Profit Status (State Recognized Not-For-Profit Corporation, Church, 501C3 Determination Letter)

ESF does NOT donate items to individuals. However charitable organizations may distribute received items to individuals they are helping in accordance with their own mission.

No Hate Groups

Donated items are not to resold or used as prizes in contests.

Recipients agree to return items for recycling if they are no longer useful.   (No throwing it in the trash)


Call (918)951-3902 or email for more information