More About Our Auction

Thank you for your interest in our auction.

The auction came about from the realization of several  factors.

1. We needed a re-use channel that could move at the speed and volume of our material flow.

2. Tulsa has a well developed market of IT professionals and resellers.  By auctioning off items, we can sell to the resellers  and have them help us with finding users for items, while making money themselves. (economic growth)

3. We wanted a re-use delivery model that was consignor friendly, so that other non-profit organizations can partner with us in leveraging the benefits of electronic recycling (fundraising/environmental protection).

What this means to you, is that the items you’re buying are funding ESF and it’s partner organizations.  You get stuff at a great price, we move it to make room for more. Everyone wins!  That’s Synergy!

Note:   If your non-profit organization wants to get involved with electronic recycling, contact us. We’d love to grow with you.

Corporate consignments/sponsorships  are available as well.  A company can donate their surplus electronics, we’ll handle the pickup, data destruction, and scrap recycling. The good stuff is sold and the funds generated are then given to the non-profit organization of the Corporate Sponsor’s choice. Some restrictions apply.   Contact us for more information.