How To Participate

How to Participate in ESF’s Online Auctions

Step 1 Create an Account on our site (click here)
Step 2 Browse our Products — There is a drop menu on the right side of the screen (if you’re using a desktop browser) labeled Product Categories . Our merchandise is sorted here by Category (Computers, Laptops, Servers, TVs, etc)The Product Categories only shows active items, but the number count will reflect everything in the system.
Step 3 Bid on the items you want. — We use a Proxy Bidding System (like eBay’s)    You input the highest bid you’re willing to make, and the system bids on your behalf up to the amount entered.

Note:  Proxy bids are secret, other bidders do not know what you set your proxy to.  Only the system knows how high your proxy bid is, so it can bid on your behalf accordingly.

Please also note:  there is no mechanism for a bid retraction, double check your bid before you submit it.

Example:   Item has an opening bid of $10, you place a proxy bid of $15 and are the high bidder at $10.    Bidder B places a $20 proxy bid. His proxy bids against yours until his stops at $16 which beats your maximum proxy bid.   To successfully outbid him you’d have to bid higher than $20. You could do it in multiple $1 higher bids until you outbid him, or you could enter a proxy higher than $20.

Step 4 Check Your Results — Generally all our auctions end at 5PM on Thursday.

The Auction Dashboard is here

Please note the dashboard will auto refresh every 60 seconds, or when you do it manually by refreshing the page.  IT IS NOT live up to the second.

Step 5 Complete the checkout process. – If you’ve won more than one item, you can manually add the items to your shopping cart to create your order. OR we can help you do it when you arrive to pick up your items.

Note: Payment must be tendered in person, we do NOT accept any payments through the website.

Step 6 Come Get Your Items — Pickup your items at 6522 E King Street
Our hours are 10-5 Monday through Saturday (closed Sundays)

Items not picked up by 5PM on Monday are forfeit. They will be relisted and we may ban your account from the auction.

Note: We do NOT offer shipping services for items. If you can not pick the items up yourself, then you must use a third party to pickup, pack and ship these items. (example: The UPS Store) Contact us at (918) 951-3902 in these instances so we can instruct you on payment, and pickup procedures