Auction Terms & Conditions


Welcome to our Online Auction, one of Electronic Synergy Foundation’s re-use channels. ESF is a non-profit (501C3) electronic recycling company. The items offered for sale here are items that were donated to us and/or our partner organizations for recycling. They have been tested (when possible) , data sanitized and refurbished (where necessary).

The revenue generated from this auction is used to support our electronic recycling efforts and the programs supported by our partner agencies.

We have a large and steady stream of material but lack the space or desire to do walk-in style retail. So instead we’re posting it to our auction to move it quickly. That is the key, we don’t mind giving buyers a great deal, but we insist they come get it quickly.

Auctions are fun, but we are playing with real money, so there are rules to keep it fair and business-like. Here they are:

How It Works (Terms & Conditions):

This is a “no reserve” auction. Items are posted with an opening bid. As long as that opening bid is met, the item will be sold to the highest bidder.

Auctions will end at 5PM on the date specified in the listing. (generally a Thursday, but may be adjusted for Holidays). This is controlled by the server and is based on it’s internal clock. This is the official auction time, irregardless of any other official times that disagree.

Anyone over the age of 18 may register. You must register to bid.

We insist that you use your real name and email to login. Failure to use your real name will get your fake name’s account, and any bids you make deleted. Failure to use a valid email address will result in your failure to receive notifications.

Be aware that your bid is a binding contract. You agree to pay your bid price if you are the high bidder. You also agree to pick the item up in the allotted time.

Bidder has 3 business days to pick up items. Example: If the auction ends on a Thursday, you have until close of business next Monday to pick it up. (we are open Fri/Sat/Mon, closed Sunday). No additional time will be granted, no excuse is accepted. If you can’t make the trip, send a friend.

Bidders who win multiple auctions must pay/pick up ALL their won items. We reserve the right to say “ALL OR NOTHING” at time of pickup.

Those who do not honor their bid will be banned from future auctions and may be subject to public ridicule, including but not limited to their name being placed on The Wall Of Shame. (See Below)

If your name appears on the Wall Of Shame, Moderators can delete your bids and your account. We consider those who end up on the Wall Of Shame to owe a debt to ESF and the other bidders. By not picking up their won item, they have cost ESF time and money by tying up product someone else would have bought. In order to get your name removed from the Wall Of Shame, a $20 per unclaimed item donation to ESF (we are a 501C3, so it is tax-deductible) will purchase forgiveness and reinstatement of bidding privileges. Please note that this does not purchase unclaimed items. Those have already been forfeit.

Buyer may examine/test items before payment, or during the auction, but all sales are final and items are sold as-is, with all flaws, both disclosed and hidden. Once it leaves our store we will only accept it back for recycling.

Pickup & Pay for items at: ESF Resale Shop, 627 S. Lewis Ave, Tulsa, Ok 74104 Monday through Saturday 10-5

If you have any questions, please ASK before you bid.

Please also note that this group is for ESF to sell it’s items. We do not allow posts from other sellers.

We also reserve the right to modify or amend these rules as needed.

ESF reserves the right to refuse service, and eject from this auction anyone we feel is acting in a manner contrary to the benefit of ESF, or it’s auction.

Thank You For Your Support!

Good Luck! Happy Bidding!



Wall Of Shame

WALL OF SHAME (dishonored bidder list)

Aaron Staufer
Alfonso Rodriguez
Alfredo Hernandez
Amanda Black
Amanda Freitus-Langenback
Antonio Unk Unk Young
Austin Bruce
Bakhtawar Bibi
Chris Collucci
Chris Yokum
Christi Vayng
Christopher Burgess
Cody Lyman
Courtney Ford
Craig Hooper
Dena Linville
Denel Rooks Robinson
Desteny Ladawn Metcalf
Diana Moreno
Dickie Kamler
Don Louis Williams
Douglas J. Burns
George Thomas
Hillary Cameron
Jack Womack
Jerri Lea Neel
Jerry Averyt
Joan Marie
Joe Amer
Joe Dirte
Joel Scott
Jonathan Richard Stenquist
Josh Sanchez
Kelly Raby (4 items)
Kim Woodrell Guthrie
Kirkley Quennies Whitehead Jr.
Kristin Renee Hoggart
Lucinda Annette Hogner
Mieshia Ruth
Mike Little
Myrenda M Carlock
Nik Capps
Patricia Allen
Patrick Boysel (3 items)
Rene Hernandez
Rhonda Kay
Ricky Skyberg
Rosanna L. Barr
Sara Gorby
Shelia Gordon-Hagard
Stephanie Brewer
Stuart Martin
Teronica Turner
Tiffany Manfredi
Tonya Baugh
Trey Merrick
Wanda Kay Self
Whitney Burness
Christopher McQueen
Lori Lewallen Bowser
Jason Smith
Carrie Breon Keiffer
Solomon Park
Clint Rodgers
Edgar Piedra
Fredrick Dearmond
Harrison Edwards
Kolton Bryant
Tonya Baugh