Statement Of Case

Electronic Synergy Foundation Case Statement

Unemployment, time and other factors have robbed once vital sections of Tulsa of their economic vitality . Once proud neighborhoods instead have become urban decay filled breeding grounds for misery.

Economic development begins with job creation, but in order to fill those jobs, you need applicants with job skills.

In today’s economy, one of the fastest growing employment sectors is the electronics and information technology industries.

This high growth rate coupled with the speed at which new electronic devices replace old devices provide an opportunity to leverage the recycling of electronics into the community benefits of job creation and training as well as equipment donations to disadvantaged individuals and non-profit organizations.

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This is the mission that Electronic Synergy Foundation, a non-profit electronic recycling company was formed for.

It is ESF’s intent to receive donated unwanted electronics and use them as the material for a job training workshop that both pays full-time minimum wage to it’s trainees, and sets aside an Education

Escrow account for their future use, while teaching them both basic and advanced job skills.

Imagine at the front end a computer store, and the back end an electronic recycling facility with a middle section of repair work between them. Skills taught in the front of the house are traditional retail skills such as customer management, sales, merchandising, etc. In the middle section advanced job skills such as computer/electronic repair, project management and IT Support are being practiced. In the warehouse, basic job skills like reliability and attention to detail are taught through material handling.

Such a facility could also be utilized feeder program for other high-tech companies, and as a business incubator for small IT firms just getting started.

In order to bring this vision to reality, an initial loan or grant of $50,000 is sought, either from a single source or collectively from several supporters. Once this amount is secured, the facility can be leased and operations can begin.

No additional cash donations are required beyond this point as the facility will be self sufficient from the material it receives. Any additional donations going beyond this will be used in the hiring of additional trainees or channeled into a charitable benefits to the community.

Donations of time are sought from those who have skills to share with our Trainees.

Please help improve our community.