Recycling As A Charity Fundraiser

ESF’s mission is to leverage the recycling of electronics for the community benefits of environmental protection and charitable works.

The environmental protection aspect of that mission is pretty of ramses Keep electronics out of the trash, send the material to be recycled. We do that. Literally by the 20,000 pound truckload, at least once a month, sometimes more.

The charitable works side of things is a bit trickier. We’ve given away countless computers, laptops, projectors, A/V equipment and other electronics to schools, churches and other non-profits. But we want to do more.

If you ask any non-profit what they need, high on the list is funding. Money.

ESF would like to help YOUR COMPANY fund your favorite charity with your unwanted electronics!

Here’s how it works: Let’s say YOUR COMPANY loves the work being done by FAVORITE CHARITY and wishes to support them. Your company also has a large batch of computers (or other electronics) recently displaced by upgrades. Contact ESF, we’ll work with you to get these to your favorite charity (if they need them) or sell them, with a portion of the proceeds going to your favorite charity.

Some terms and conditions apply:

Offer is only open to donor organizations with a sizable amount of still usable equipment to work with.

All recipients of equipment and funding must be a non-profit organization, school, or church recognized at the State or Federal Level. ESF does not make donations to individuals. However we can donate to an organization that is helping an individual.

ESF will work with YOUR COMPANY to satisfy your data security (destruction) requirements.

Contact for more information.