eWaste Collection Event

Ewate Collection Event Report

From Sunday Dec 28th through Tuesday December 30th, Electronic Synergy Foundation held an eWaste collection event at Lafortune Park in Tulsa.

As a result of this collection event, we collected 7 U-Haul trucks full of unwanted electronics,

4 of those U-hauls were full of televisions and monitors which went to Natural Evolution for recycling. The remainder went into our warehouse to be processed as scrap and re-usable products.

Our intention is to use the revenue generated from this to help build our retail channels and recycling infrastructure.

The whole thing was a win for everyone involved. Tulsa got rid of approximately 10 tons of eWaste, and we have the material to start building our recycling infrastructure.

ESF owes big THANK YOUs to all the folks involved, just to name a few:

Thank you to Jonathan Brook and Azoth Grayson who stuck with me through it all, despite the cold and long hours. You’re some of the best friends a guy could have.

Thank you to Fox23, KOTV Channel 6, and KJRH Channel 2 for coming out and airing our story and helping spread the word.

Thank you to Chris Beach of Tulsa Cornerstone Assistance Network who agreed to let us use his facility for storage when our original plan fell apart.

Thank you to Natural Evolution, Inc. who graciously agreed to handle our televisions and monitors.

Thank you to Ronda Vuillemont-Smith and Recycle Michael Patton who pointed me in the right direction when I needed help figuring out a new plan.

Thank you to my Facebook friends who helped share ESF’s event.

Thank you Tulsa County Parks Department for letting us use LaFortune Park.

We also made the news, check it out:  Fox23
Our Synergy is growing!

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