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Let me make it clear on how to replace the hookup forsoftub that is light

Let me make it clear on how to replace the hookup forsoftub that is light

To higher assist our clients, we have built a set of probably the most frequently expected concerns by brand brand new bath bath tub owners. For those who have a concern perhaps not covered right here, please give us a call at 800-996-TUBS (8827) so we’ll be pleased to assist! You might also install the entire document as a pdf if you like by pressing below:

I simply received my bath bath tub. Just how long will the chemical kit final?

The chemical substances into the kit will up be used at different prices. Based on your bath bath tub size and use, the chlorine that is granular everything you are planning to utilize the the majority of and really should last more or less 1-2 months. The pH Up and pH Down can simply last as much as a year that is full. Based on your water supply, the Softcare Gon (steel & scale remover) should endure about 2 months. As soon as your Softub Spa FrogВ® mineral purifier is exposed to water, it is active for four months just. Then it can no further oxidize contaminants and needs to be changed. Your test strips should last 3-4 months while you must be testing your water a maximum of 1-2 times per week until you are taking care of a water stability problem.

Why can not I have my filter down?

Ensure that your tub water is heated before trying to eliminate your filter since this makes the cuff that is plastic more flexible. Feel round the cuff of one’s filter and soon you find the notch after which align that notch because of the ‘3 o’clock’ position. Push/pull the filter towards the ‘9 o’clock’ position and it also should be removed. Before placing your filter on, soak it in your hot bath bath tub or even a bucket of warm water for a few moments since this could make the cuff that is plastic pliable.

Exactly why isn’t my light working?

You might not need linked the light wires. There’s two cables, one from your own energy pack plus one from your own bath tub. The cables are now and again protruding through the pack and bath bath tub, often covered round the pipes and sometimes, you are going to look for a cable simply beneath the plastic in the bath tub part. Once you’ve exposed both the cables, connect them by pressing the 2 end pieces together them click and then your light should work until you feel.

Just how do I understand what my chlorine, pH, alkalinity and calcium should really be?

Please reference your container of test strips where all four water stability parameters are detailed across the side, along with their okay levels marked. Your spa should really be tested one or more times or twice each week.

We do not have chemical to regulate alkalinity. Have you thought to and just how do i actually do it?

The kit doesn’t include a chemical to modify alkalinity because many times it may be modified easily using the chemical compounds you curently have. In the event your alkalinity degree is certainly not when you look at the “ok” range, please contact our workplace therefore that individuals will help you with fixing it.

Just how do I purchase materials?

You may additionally give us a call at 800-996-TUBS (8827) to position your purchase. Our regular workplace hours are M-F from 9:00am – 5:00pm EST.

We can not appear to keep a chlorine level during my bath bath tub. What is incorrect?

Chlorine dissipates rapidly, therefore it’s crucial to incorporate it after each and every usage or every day. Additionally, it might be time and energy to supercede your salon Frog. They have to be changed every four months of course yours is avove the age of that, it is no more active and it is making simply the chlorine to destroy all of the germs within the spa. Since individuals are the main supply of new germs introduction, you should include chlorine soon after escaping .. You are still not able to get a residual reading, it is time to super-chlorinate your tub by adding double the recommended dosage if you are adding the recommended amount of chlorine but. Continue steadily to add this doubled amount daily until such time you have the ability to keep a reading above 1.0ppm. Additionally, it is feasible that in the event that you have never changed your water within the past 4-6 months, that water in your bath bath bath tub is saturated aided by the “used up” chemicals and cannot “take in” or process any longer chlorine. Should this be the outcome, you are going to need certainly to empty and refill your bath tub.

Exactly why is my water cloudy and exactly how do we repair it?

Water could be cloudy for a couple of various reasons. Have actually you recently examined the water’s chlorine, pH and alkalinity levels to make sure they are balanced? Then please do that first if not. Frequently this nagging issue could be fixed with the addition of chlorine and maintaining the pH precisely balanced. Additionally, whenever ended up being the time that is last washed or changed your filter? To make sure appropriate purification you will need to wash your filter monthly or after specially hefty usage, chemically clean your filter every single other thirty days, and substitute your filter annually. We suggest because it does a great job of dissolving body oils off the filter cartridge that you clean your filter with BaquaSpa Filter Cleaner.

Water this is certainly 4-6 months old could be high in which situation none associated with above shall assist. If the fixes that are above not yet determined the water plus the water is 4-6 months old or even the spa had been recently utilized greatly, we advice changing water and cleansing the filter.

My liner is slippery and slimy. What’s the problem?

This can be an easy instance of unsanitary water because of perhaps perhaps perhaps not chlorine that is enough added. Once the chlorine level drops below 1.0ppm, bacteria can develop quickly within the spa. To eliminate this please just simply take a classic washcloth or comparable, gently rub the sidewalls and base of one’s bath tub, after which super-chlorinate by doubling your normal suggested dosage of granular chlorine. There’s no necessity to strain the spa and commence over until you genuinely wish to. Keep your chlorine amounts on a basis that is daily understand that the greater amount of you utilize your spa the greater amount of chlorine you’ll need.

How come my water area foamy?

Foamy or water that is sudsy be due to a couple of various things. Your calcium hardness degree may be too low, the pH could be too much, or individuals was making use of the spa with swimsuits on containing residual washing detergent. It is also feasible to own foamy water as a result of a filter that is dirty. Check out the calcium and pH, clean the rinse and filter all swimsuits in ordinary water (chlorine will destroy any germs on swimsuits). If the foam continues, you can aquire a product called Defoamer.